Apply to the BUILD Space Resident Program

Do you have a research project or startup in the building industry? Apply to our BUILD Space Resident Program!

The Autodesk BUILD Space supports teams from industry, practice, and academia as well as startups and Autodesk employees who are researching and working on forward-looking topics like digital fabrication, designing for sustainability, the Internet of Things, construction automation, industrialized construction, and design robotics. 

The Autodesk BUILD Space provides its BUILD Space Resident teams a community of experience and resources to support their big ideas. Teams receive working space, access to advanced equipment, equipment training, and access to Autodesk personnel and other industry leaders. Teams do not pay any fees to use the space, but must supply their own materials and be insured. Residencies are largely project-based, with timelines ranging from weeks to months and sometimes up to a year. The 34,000-square foot space provides areas for large project work as well as workbenches, access to large-format advanced fabrication machinery, and connections to expertise and training to move research forward. Our equipment supports nearly any material used in the construction process: steel, wood, stone, concrete, ceramics, glass and composites like carbon fiber.