Robotics in Construction Summit

June 2018



Autodesk BUILD Space + MassRobotics presents:

Robotics in Construction Summit

How can robotics and automated construction technologies help us build more, better, with less negative impact?

Automation and robotics have helped manufacturing, retail, and agriculture industries increase productivity by 1,500% since 1945 (McKinsey 2017). In contrast, however, construction productivity has remained relatively stagnant during the same time period. For the robotics industry, construction presents potential use cases and unique applications that can utilize a variety of evolving technologies from drones, ground robotics, teleoperation, machine vision, additive manufacturing, and assistive robotics.

Automation has been implemented in other industries to solve challenges associated with labor productivity, material waste, quality control, etc. – but why not construction?

This event is intended to bring together representatives from the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry with technology and thought leaders from the robotics community to develop a collective understanding of the problems and opportunities, and how to take the next steps!

The event will include presentations and discussions with construction industry representatives and robotics technology developers with a goal of bridging the gap between needs, opportunities, and technology.

Autodesk BUILD Space - 3rd Floor:

9:00 am - 5:00 pm*

*Breakfast and Lunch will be provided

Reception to follow: 


5:30 pm  -7:30 pm



9             Welcome breakfast

9:45        Opening remarks

10 -12:30 Session 1: Automating Construction (2 Panels)

              10:00     Panel 1

              11:15     Panel 2  

12:30      Lunch + Tours

2:30 - 5 Session 2: Constructing Automation (2 Panels)

              2:30 Panel 1

              3:45 Panel 2

5             Closing

5:30        Afterparty at MassRobotics





The Autodesk BUILD Space

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