The Autodesk BUILDers in Residence Program


The Autodesk BUILD Space supports teams from industry, practice, and academia as well as startups and Autodesk employees who are researching and working on forward-looking topics like digital fabrication, designing for sustainability, construction automation, industrialized construction, design robotics and more. Check out a few of our featured resident teams below.


Pillar Technologies

The future of construction site risk management

Pillar Technologies is a Boston startup focused on predicting and preventing damage on construction sites through the use of on-site sensors. Their hardware-to-software solution monitors for destructive environmental conditions such as fire outbreaks, high humidity exposure, and mold growth, minimizing risk and revenue loss for general contractors and insurance companies.

Elkus Manfredi

Full-service architecture + Design firm

Elkus Manfredi Architects is a full-service design firm providing architecture, master planning, urban design, interior architecture, space planning and interior design. They are currently using BUILD Space equipment to prototype historical preservation details and processes for local development projects.


Design That Matters


Design That Matters is a nonprofit solving problems for and with the poor in developing countries. This summer, with support from the Autodesk Foundation and Lenovo, they recruited a student design team to develop an alpha prototype of the Otter Newborn Warmer, a durable, washable warming bassinet for premature and low birthweight (LBW) newborns.

Harvard Graduate School of Design

Volkan Alkonoglu, Founding Principal, VA | Design

How can you design something to be paper-thin and super-light while maintaining its structural integrity and creating big volumes? This graduate research studio is examining this question by applying techniques of the aviation and automobile industry to the fabrication of extremely lightweight aluminum prototypes consisting of custom CNC-cut components.