Welcome to the Autodesk BUILD Space.


The Autodesk BUILD Space (BUILD for Building, Innovation, Learning, and Design) is a place for exploration and innovation around ‘making’ in the building and infrastructure industries—fabrication and construction.

It is a research and development workshop and innovation studio for professionals in the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry—from startups to industry leaders and academics—to experiment in a shared collaborative space. Our mission is to create a shared vision for the future of building with our industry.


WE support research teams + STARTUPS.

Are you looking to innovate in the architecture, engineering or construction industries? The Autodesk BUILD program provides space for research, academic, and startup teams to collaborate, experiment, and build for the weeks or months it might take to complete projects or prototypes. The 34,000 square foot space provides areas for large project work as well as workbenches, access to large-format advanced fabrication machinery and AR/VR equipment, and connections to expertise and training to move research forward. Our equipment supports nearly any material used in the construction process: steel, wood, stone, concrete, ceramics, glass and composites like carbon fiber.